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What is the Differences Between Sleep (Standby) and Hibernate

What is the Differences Between Sleep (Standby) and Hibernate
Have you ever thought of what is the differences between Sleep and Hibernate options provided by Windows shutdown function? Both commands provide a easy and quick way to leave your computer in existing last state and come back to work on it at exactly the same state later without waiting too long to system to restore itself. However, fundamentally there are significant different between them that allows users to easily choose whether they should use Sleep or Hibernate.
Sleep is commonly known as Standby in Windows system or S3 in ACPI. In Sleep mode, the power supply to non-essential and non-critical component is withheld, and most system operation is shutdown and stopped. All data in physical memory (RAM module) is still kept in internal memory, and whole system is place in stand-by mode, which can be woke up and used almost immediately. In Sleep mode, the power load reduce considerably, saving a lot of energy. However, th…

Google Books –Online Literature Library

The idea of Google Books was first conceived in 2002 when a small group of Google programmers started pondering the question of how many man hours it would take to scan every single book ever written.    We still don’t know the true answer to this question although just eight years from the idea conception there are now over 10 million books catalogued in their database. While the first scan was done manually on a 300 page book and took 40 minutes to process,Google now use cameras capable of scanning at a rate of 1,000 pages an hour and also work with 20,000 publisher partners who provide content directly.  They have also been able to provide over 1 million books that can be read in full from cover to cover;these unrestricted works are either books that have fallen out of copyright or have been provided with publishers express permission. As well as simply scanning the books,Google performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the pages,thereby turning them in to pure text which ca…

10 Things Android Does Better Than Symbian:

10 Things Android Does Better Than Symbian
I’ve been using an Android-powered HTC Eris from Verizon for over a month now, and it’s been quite an interesting experience. I’ve wanted to check out an Android-powered smartphone for a while now, and honestly, I was dead convinced that after using one, I would hate Symbian forever. While that’s obviously not true, I have come across several things that Android completely dominates Symbian on, and wanted to share them with you. 1. Change the defaults – One of the cool things about smartphones is the abundance of 3rd party applications, including web browsers, messaging applications, and the like. Unfortunately, in Symbian, there’s no way to set these 3rd party applications as the default for certain actions. This is annoying, for instance, if you prefer to use Opera Mobile as your web browser,  instead of the default one. Any link you click on the phone will automatically open in the default browser, no matter what. With Android, you can chan…

How to run Android on Windows Mobile Phone

Install Android on your HTC Windows Mobile phone – Guide
Welcome to the official XDANDROID AOSP thread which is dedicated to getting Android running on our beloved HTC devices.  Phhusson: has dedicated most of his time helping users and updating kernel to run Eclair and his work for other msm7k devices. However phhusson is not alone as there are also other members working on this. You can find some of them on I've listed some of the developers i know of that currently are working on and they deserve credits and thanks. We also have to note that before this work done there was quite a substantial number of people starting working on linux for our devices. Without them we may not be where we are today. So respect and credits to everyone involved in working on linux kernel for msm devices.  I am not responsible for any damages or problems your device encounters. The build is relatively safe and shouldn't cause any problems.
This tutorial will guide you t…

The Best Websites for Finding, Downloading, Borrowing, Renting, and Purchasing eBooks

So, you’ve got yourself an eBook reader, smartphone, tablet, or other portable device and you want to put some eBooks on it to take with you. There are many options for obtaining free eBooks as well as purchasing, borrowing, or even renting eBooks. We’ve listed some sites that allow you to download free eBooks directly or be notified when eBooks are available for free or for a discounted price on popular eBook sites. If you can’t find the eBooks you want on the free sites, there are several sites that allow you to purchase current, best-selling  eBooks singly or through a monthly service. There are even special sites for lending and borrowing Kindle and Nook books with other readers across the U.S. We’ve also listed a couple of sites dedicated to searching for PDF eBooks, documents, etc. Free eBooks We’ve previously shown you how to find thousands of free eBooks online using sites such as Project Gutenberg,, DailyLit, and FeedBooks. You can even find free eBooks on Amazo…

Automate Windows Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your PC Running Like New

With a Windows computer there are several maintenance tasks you should run on a regular basis, though most of us forget. Here’s how to automate the most important maintenance tasks in XP, Vista & Windows 7 and keep your PC running like new. We’ll take a look at automating some of the most common tasks, and while it takes a bit of time to set each one up, once you do you’ll have peace of mind knowing your system is clean and up to date. Automate Cleaning Up Your Hard Drive If you want to make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive, and get rid of old files you no longer need, you can schedule Disk Cleanup to run in Windows 7 or Vista, which gets rid of plenty of temporary files and other stuff that doesn’t need to be around anymore.
You can setup Disk Cleanup in XP as well as a Scheduled Task. The process is easy following the Scheduled Task Wizard in XP.
If you really want to keep your system automated, however, you can setup the freeware CCleaner tool to automatically r…