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How to use Apple Hardware Test and Apple Diagnostics

Troubleshooting 101 -- at its core -- involves identifying a problem on a computer and using that information to resolve any issue(s) stemming from said problem. While most troubleshooting takes place at the OS level, there will inevitably come a time when the hardware itself will be the cause of a system's instability. Many 3rd-party tools exist to root out hardware trouble, sometimes heuristically, even before the component has failed. But many Mac owners do not know that Apple bakes in a utility specifically to test hardware found in Apple computers of all sizes. There are two utilities, as a matter of fact, and depending on when your device was manufactured, you'll access Apple Hardware Test if your computer was manufactured prior to June 2013. If the computer was manufactured after that date, then Apple Diagnostics is the utility that will load. They're both very similar in what they accomplish -- a self test of the hardware, complete with scans of internal storage d…

Fixing and Avoiding Problems on your PC

Heat problems can often be addressed simply by cleaning out any dust with a can of compressed air and keeping the vents unobstructed. In other instances, however, you may have a bigger problem, such as a broken cooling fan, or a heat sink that needs re-seating. These fixes can sometimes be tackled at home with the right tools and some Googling for tutorials, but if you don't know what you're doing, you might want to take your PC to a professional before trying to open up the chassis yourself.

To ferret out memory problems, start by finding out where memory is being used. In the task manager, select the "Processes" tab. You'll then see a list of all the various processes running on the machine at any given moment. Without opening any programs, take a look at the percentage of physical memory being used. If a large percentage is already in use with no programs running, you've likely found your problem. If your physical memory is mostly free, try opening the la…

Laptop Keeps Freezing – Causes And Fixes

Wondering why your Laptop keeps freezing? If Yes, then read this post

Laptop is portable, and its mobility is the main cause for its mishandling and other problems, the some causes for laptop freeze are given below...

Age of the laptopHow badly had it been usedOverheatingOS filesHardware driversCluttered registry

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons I think are most common for causing a laptop to keep freezing.

Age of Laptop:  If your laptop age is 2-3 years then it might be the cause laptop freeze due to some hardware issue... Might be RAM, hard disk , processor is troubling.

Overheating: If you have a laptop that is a few years old and has been through maximum uses, there is a good chance that it may be experience overheating problems. If your laptop is freezing after 20 to 30 minutes after turning it on, it could very well be related to overheating. Take a moment to locate the ventilator where the fan blow air out of your laptop and put your hand in front of it to see if there is any…

10 Ways to Make the Cloud Work for You

In the early days of the Internet,storing dataand accessing applications on servers located beyond the walls of our homes and offices was more science fiction than business reality. Users dug the concept, but wouldn't dream of getting real work done with a browser connected to the Internet. For many people, the browser and the computer have since merged into a single entity. These folks no longer buy and install software. Instead, they boot up their computer, launch their favorite browser and then access a number of applications, hosted on servers all over the world. Their data is stored there, too -- out in the cloud, far from the spinning platters of their hard drives. And they're getting serious work done. You can be one of those people, too. You still need a computer, but you don't need to invest in expensive software. Mostcloudservices -- or Web apps, as they're sometimes called -- are free or cost a minimal monthly fee. After that, all you need is a little knowledg…

Fire and Smoke Alarm systems

Smoke Detector from PlugNProtect, LLC is a first of its kind smoke detector that communicates over the cellular network in the event of a smoke or fire emergency at a home or business. It is poised to create a new option in the smoke detector industry.

The patent-pending Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector is the only stand-alone, photo-electronic smoke detector on the market that will alert central station emergency operators to a fire or smoke condition.  Unlike expensive home/business monitoring systems, the Direct Connect 911 Smoke Detector system protects for 20% on homeowner insurance.

"Standard smoke detectors can only emit a siren, which may be useless for people who sleep through the noise, are not at home, or are trapped inside," says Plug N Protect, LLC President David Topper. "We wanted to harness emerging cellular technologies to provide an affordable and reliable safety device for millions of homeowners and businesses nationally."

The Dire…