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How to Overcome the "No More Sessions are allowed for User Hotspot Mikrotik"

Login Error Message Hotspot Mikrotik there are many. In his prior articles we have reviewed about the Explanation of Error Message in Mikrotik Hotspot Login page. This time we will discuss one of Message Error during log Hotspot Mikrotik, namely No More Sessions are allowed for User $ (username).

Why does the error message no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) should be discussed?
Because of this error message is quite often appear at hotspot user login, especially if you use the same username and password for many people.

Why no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) can arise?
From the translation into Indonesian we already know that: there is no more sessions are allowed for this username. So here username to be used by a user had no sessions will be allowed to be used by the Server Hotspot user login. This is caused by the configuration of the proxy hotspot on the shared user is limited, while users who want to log more than shared user specified by mikrotik hotspot settings.

How to cope with no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username)?

Basically hotspot user management on mikrotik twofold user default hotspot management that we can access the IP menu -> Hotspot -> Tab Users and User Profiles tab. Please Read How to Make Mikrotik Hotspot: Hotspot Mikrotik basic settings .

It also can use User Manager at the RADIUS server. Please Read here: How to Install and Settings User Manager Mikrotik .

Well, both user management features that have constraints no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) is similar, but how to handle it differently.

How to Solve Error Message no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) in the User Management Hotspot Mikrotik

1. If you find this error message before it can log into the hotspot, please connect to WiFi Hotspot without login. Then open Winbox and login via the Mac Address.

Mengatasi Pesan error no more sessions are allowed

2. Keep diperhatiakan, if you are not logged Hotspot Mikrotik then would config using Winbox via IP Address will not be able to. Because there are dynamic firewall rules that block access. So please login via MAC Address Mikrotik.

3. Once logged in, please enter the IP manu -> Hotspot -> User Profiles -> Select User Profile is used.

Cara Mengatasi "No More Sessions are Allowed for User Hotspot Mikrotik"
4. Examine the option of Shared Users Mikrotik . Make sure the number of its users shared more than the number of users logged diperblehkan. Because if his number is limited, other users will find an error message no more session and can not login.

How to Solve Error Message no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) in the User Manager RADIUS Server

In contrast to the previous way, to address no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username) in the User Manager RADIUS servers can not only be done by adding the Shared User Settings User Manager only. Still, Shared option Users must be filled according to usage.

Mengatasi No more sessions are allowed User Manager

In the picture above, Shared User to user profile I set into unimited guests. So regardless of guests who want access SHOULD be served well with no problem login (Except IP Address allocation is exhausted). But in fact not the case.

Although Shared Users in the User Manager in the set Unlimited, Active session (sessions) a user is logged remain stored for a long time and considered actively. In fact, the user had not connect hotspot (inactive). This will lead to the user is considered active and when the user is disconnected and want to connect again or a new user is going to log so you can not, and the error message no more sessions are allowed for user $ (username).
The problem can be resolved by removing Active user session manager via the Sessions menu. But the yes every time there is an error that we have to clear inactive user sessions, tired right? Moreover, if the user of his many, his work every day can only clear inactive session aja: D
Remove Sessions pada User Manager Mikrotik
So, to overcome this we can take advantage of scripts that run on a scheduled basis (automatic). We will use the tool to Mikrotik Script & Scheduler.
Menambahkan Script Auto Remove Session User Manager Mikrotik
Please copy and paste the following script on Manu System -> Scripts
  # Script Source: Mikrotik Forums
 # Script Starts Here.
 # Setting Timeout in Seconds
 # Timeout in Seconds, when the session update is older -> closed session
 : Local Timeout 60
 # ------------------------------------------
 : Local LastSessionUpdate;
 : Local SessionTimeout;
 : Foreach i in = [/ tool user-manager session find where active = yes] do = {
 # When was the last update of the session-informations
 : Set LastSessionUpdate [/ tool user-manager session till i get $-time]
 # SessionTimeout is a value that Tells me how many seconds ago the last update of this session was
 : Set SessionTimeout ([system clock get time] - [: $ LastSessionUpdate pick ([: find $ LastSessionUpdate ""] + 1) [: len $ LastSessionUpdate]] - [/ system clock get gmt-offset])
 # If last update is more then Timeout seconds ago then close the session and log it
 : If ($ SessionTimeout> $ Timeout) do = {
 / Tool user-manager session remove numbers = $ i
 : Warning log ( "Removed false Username is active session". [/ Tool user-manager user session get $ i]);
Then run the script automatically using the Scheduler.
Please set the interval how long his script will be executed automatically. Set the interval in accordance with the load of your router. For example at a load of about 150+ users on the low end routers, scheduled for every 5 minutes. Because this script may take some time to do the calculation of each user. So stay just adjust your Mikrotik Router spec.

By doing these two issues Mikrotik Tutorial No More Sessions are allowed for Users on Mikrotik Hotspot can be overcome. I myself have tried to the User Manager and 100% Work, will no longer appear no more error messages when the user login session.


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