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Dome Cameras

The revolutionary Merlin® Dome camera comes in a conveniently small, easy to install unit that includes camera, zoom lens, pan/tilt and receiver. The Merlin® Speed Dome has an outstanding variable speed of 1 sec per rotation to 240 sec per rotation, 360° continuous rotations with high speed capacity which offers a dynamic range and wide scope of applications.

The Dome camera has 64 presets*, patterns, zones and auto scan with soft limit stops. The auto flip feature enables the dome camera to rotate 180°, repositioning itself, and allow for continuous viewing of a subject as it passes directly under the dome. The dome can replay the last recorded periodical movement outlined by the joystick including Pan, Tilt and Zoom. This "tour repeater" feature has an internal back up that allows the user to define desired areas or zones then automatically retrace this path. The DigiVue® Dome unit components include the camera, which is a High Resolution color 480 TVL Sony chip.

With the 10x Optical Power Zoom lens and 10x Digital Zoom (100x Zoom), the view can be extended allowing the user to monitor a scene from any desired angle while retaining clarity of images. The Dome camera has a built in receiver and motor driver designed with the most advanced technology to control the motors and communication by RS485 enabling smooth, easy and accurate motion.

It is ideal for use with our DVR systems and can be controlled from your mobile phone or laptop!

The Merlin Dome camera has been designed with size in mind. It's 8 inch dome makes it suitable for almost any application including all day/night and environmental conditions and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Operating temperature:
  • 0~ +50C(32°~122°F)

Operating Humidity:
  • 0~85% RH non-condensing
  • Built-in 6 Protocol modes selectable
  • High Sensitive 1/4" SONY Super HAD CCD
  • Built in Auto Focus / Auto Iris
  • 10x Optical Power Zoom Lens
  • 10x Digital Zoom (100x Zoom)
  • Day Night (Digital Slow Shutter)
  • OSD (On Screen Display), RS-485 (Pelco-D)

Signal System
  • NTSC: 525 Lines

Image Sensor
  • 1/4 inch interline Transfer SONY Super HAD CCD

Horizontal : 480 TV Lines

Video Output
  1.0 Vp-p (75 Ohms, composite)

  • 10x Optical Zoom (F1.6, f=3.9~85.8mm) Video AF

Digital Zoom
  • 10x (Total Zoom Ratio: 220x), 2x ~ 10x Variable

Zoom Speed (Optical)
 5.0 Sec

Angle Of View
  • Horizontal : 47° (wide) / 3° (tele)

Min. Shooting Distance
  • 1 cm (Wide) / 1 meter (Tele)
Min Illumination
  • Day(1.0 lx), Night(0.001 lx, DSS)

Sync System
  • Internal


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